The Serpent Seed Series

by Laura Baker

Laura Baker was born and raised in Houston, Texas and worked in the petrochemical industry for over 20 years as a Control Systems Designer and Supervisor. She was called out of that work by the Lord and now serves Him alone.

She lives in the Texas hill country, where she enjoys taking care of her family, volunteering and providing godly counsel to others seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord. She enjoys painting, writing and studying the Word of God. She is a Spirit-filled Christian and considers Jesus Christ her all in all.

The Serpent Seed Series is a long form audio presentation.

Episode 1: The Serpents Seed

Episode 2: The Synogogue of Satan

Episode 3: The Rise of Zionism

Episode 4: Keepers of the Covenant

Episode 5: Who Is Isreal?

Episode 6: Noahide Laws

Episode 7: Epilogue - What's to Come

Do you want to go deeper with the Lord? Communion is an excellent way to do just that. The benefits are endless. Just a few minutes a day in focused effort toward the Lord will reap a harvest beyond your expectations. This book serves as a guide, providing a different daily prayer centered on communion for thirty days, which vary from somber reverence to celebration in the victory of the cross. It can be used again and again every month, so get your bread and wine ready, and come to His table.

This is the incredible testimony of a divinely orchestrated deliverance by the hand of God in which a physical manifestation takes place. Divinely Delivered from the King of Rebellion chronicles the process of a demonic expulsion from a born again spirit-filled believer, and the steps God took her through leading up to the experience. Her testimony is proof of how intimately involved God is in our lives, and the type of results that can come from spending time with Him.

Filled with biblical insight and wisdom, this book reveals how the kingdom of darkness is legally allowed to afflict us, why many prayers go unanswered, and how to recognize demonic influences in us all. But more importantly, it reveals the steps to eliminate them from your own life.

Why are so many Christians struggling with illness, disorders, marital problems, and financial issues? This book reveals the sins of the fathers of Israel and how those sins still affect us today. The remedy, of course, is the blood of Jesus, and the pathway to victory involves cleansing the iniquity from our bloodlines through repentance and renunciation.

To prevent history from repeating itself in our generation, we must look back at the errors made through sin and apostasy which brought Israel’s demise. Once we remove the commonalities we have with the enemy, we then, and only then, have complete dominion over them. This book serves as a template to remove the iniquity in our bloodlines, providing prayers that break the power at work behind one of the most formidable foes of God’s people, the Syrian kings.

Laura has written multiple books to help fellow believers and Christians in their walk of faith and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. By purchasing her work, you are helping to support the ministry of the God through Laura that He may be able to continue to bless all who are willing to receive it.