You're Missen the Point

ou’re Missen the Point podcast is a long form conversation format. Designed to discuss the weird, wonderful and downright bizarre aspects of life."

Hosted by Drew Missen and is available on all major streaming platforms.

WTF Forum

"WTF Forum is a decentralized broadcast network, with no governing body of any kind. And is produced and distributed by a loosely affiliated, ever growing network of rogue, independent content creators. This forum does not, will not, and shall not have any one location, RSS feed, platform or channel. But shall shared and multiplied as nature indicates"

As a content creator, you want your podcast or video series to have a unique soundtrack to help you stand out from the crowd. Many podcasting platforms will provide you with stock music to play that may not quite meet your exacting standards. With your input and preferences, I can create a truly unique sound that is the perfect intro to your podcast. I can also create bedmusic for your video to add that just right ambience for your listening audience.

Check out some of the work I have done previously for these podcasters. I worked in collaboration with the hosts to create their preferred sound.

Contact me today to order your custom podcast intro or bedmusic